Happy Earth Day… Sort of

From the good folks at ACT and Thunder Road…President Bush will talk about “how much environmental progress the country has made since the first Earth Day 30 years ago� while in Maine today.� �Our air is cleaner, our water is cleaner and our land is better protected.” — White House spokesman Trent Duffy, AP, 4/22/04Throughout the last 39 months, George W. Bush has taken the country in the wrong direction on the environment.�Bush worked to undo the progress America has made in the last 30 years to clean our air:�In one of the broadest changes to air-pollution regulations since the Clean Air Act was first approved in 1970, the Bush administration Wednesday eased smog rules affecting more than 500 older power plants and some 20,000 aging factories and oil refineries.�� [Source:� San Jose Mercury News, 8/28/03]�The Bush administration�s �new source review� rules make it easier for aging factories, mills, refineries and coal-fired power plants to expand or modernize without upgrading pollution controls.� They�apply to 800 industrial facilities in Pennsylvania and 17,000 nationwide.�� [Source:� Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/3/03]�EPA announces plans to relax clean air standards. The weakening of the New Source Review section of the Clean Air Act essentially allows power plants to avoid installing pollution controls.� [Source:� League of Conservation Voters, �2002 Rollbacks� section from report, �The Bush Administration is Rolling Back Our Environmental Protections.�]Our water:�The Bush administration has designated 33 toxic waste sites in 18 states for cuts in financing under the Superfund cleanup program.�� [Source:� New York Times, 7/1/02]�President Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday scrapped last-minute Clinton administration plans to sharply cut the amount of arsenic permitted in the nation’s drinking water.� The rules affected 12.7 million Americans.�� [Source:� Knight Ridder newswire, 3/21/01; Sierra Club, 3/20/01]And protect our land:�On the day before Thanksgiving, the Administration proposes making it easier for industry to access public lands without assessing the environmental impact of such activities. Administrative appeals and public comment would either be limited or eliminated. The proposal closely follows the timber industries wish list–a “coincidence” according to the Forest Service.�� [Source:� League of Conservation Voters, �2002 Rollbacks� section from report, �The Bush Administration is Rolling Back Our Environmental Protections.�]Because he is so focused on the interests of his corporate campaign contributors:Donors work to get Bush to adopt �industry-friendly� policies of weak clean air standards.� �Faced with Congressional rejection and mounting fines, some utilities struck bargains with the federal government� But others took an alternate route: they started writing checks to George W. Bush’s presidential campaign fund.�� [Source:� New York Times Magazine, 4/4/04]�One energy industry insider advised his friends to bundle their donations to Bush to �ensure that our industry is credited,� for its political contributions.�� [Source:� New York Times Magazine, 4/4/04]Four large power companies – all noted for violations of environmental health standards � are enormous contributors to Bush.�The Bush campaign had a special title for contributors who raised at least $100,000: Pioneers. Among the more than 200 Pioneers during the 2000 Bush election campaign were FirstEnergy’s president, Anthony Alexander; Reliant Resources’ C.E.O., Steve Letbetter; and Reliant’s chairman, Don Jordan. (MidAmerican Energy’s C.E.O., David Sokol, has joined the elite rank for the 2004 re-election campaign; Southern Company’s executive vice president Dwight Evans has been named a Ranger, meaning he has raised more than $200,000.)�� [Source:� New York Times Magazine, 4/4/04]Each of these companies were under investigation for smog-control violations.� �Each of these executives’ companies was either in litigation or was soon to be under investigation for new-source review violations. Six other Pioneers were lawyers or lobbyists for companies charged with N.S.R. violations.�� [Source:� New York Times Magazine, 4/4/04]Oil and gas industries are enormous contributors to Bush Administration.� The Oil and Gas industries have contributed $973,125 to Bush for his 2004 campaign.� In addition, the Oil and Gas and Manufacturing industries contributed almost $20 million to Republicans in the 2002 election cycle.� (�Oil and Gas:� Background,� Opensecrets.org)�

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