Calling all Escalator Enthusiasts

QUICK! Come to DC and find a metro station. You have a 76% chance of finding an escalator being disected and “repaired” at any of the entrances/exits to the metrorail servicing our nation’s capitol (ONC). If you love escalators, this is the place for you. There’s no telling how many more months the excitement will last, so get here quickly while there are still escalators left to take apart. Here are a few tips that i’ve learned from the professional technicians currently working on the vast DC public escalator network during this ongoing display of human strength, determination, and ingenuity:– Best times to dismantle escalators: rush hour.– If you have to work on one of an entrance’s two escalators, it’s easier to simply shut down both.– To ensure job stability, only tighten screws three-quarters of the way. In three months, dismantle escaltor and tighten the rest of the way.– The number of escalator steps at each exit/entrance varies. Count frequently.– Be careful. 6% of people associate “blood” with escalators.Click here for an insider peak at the Farrugut West escalator repair contest. I’ll post updated photos to my moblog, so stay tuned.

One thought on “Calling all Escalator Enthusiasts

  1. Four months they have been working on and off on the escalator at Cleveland Park – both entrances in fact. One day I decided to go across the street to see if I could avoid the inevitable bottle neck on the escalator but to no avail, the other side was being "fixed" as well.Thanks for bringing this obvious boondoggle to our attention! One thing this project could be very helpful investigating is why the escalators seem to run the wrong way during rush hour. Have you ever noticed that there are thousands of people getting off the red line in metro center and no one off the blorange lines? The odd thing is that there are two escalators going up to the red line and only one down to the blorange lines. #%$*ing conspiracy man!

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