Kerry Olympics!

1 point for Bush team for being creative and producing Kerry Olympics (a) during the olympics and (b) as a flash game1 point for Howard Dean for still being relevant enough to make an appearance in Kerry Olympics-1 point for Bush team for confusing players by asking them to choose “for” or “against” on factual stuatements like, “John Kerry voted for the bipartisan No Child Left Behind Act in Dec 2001.”What’s the question? How can I choose ‘for’ or ‘against’ if you just told me he was for it and it’s true. Where’s the game?The game looks great, but it doesn’t make much sense once you spend half a minute on it. But it may just be me. Can someone else please play and let me know if i’m the only one with a learning disability here? Bush camp: Flash games are supposed to be light and breezy and make the user feel good so that they send them around to friends. Good effort. Good effort.

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