Escalator/Elevator Outages on Crash Course

***Breaking News***Woodley Park/Adams Morgan Metro stop, DC—At 8.43 AM, Metrorail workers began removing the shrink-wrap on dozens of palletes of new escalator stairs, indicating the beginning of several days of escalator repair. These new stairs and parts have been taunting regular commuters for almost 7 days now, so the excitement this morning was almost palpable.During the same rush-hour commute, the street elevator was closed by a hand-written out of service notice.Metro Works reports the elevator outage, but makes no comment about the escalator replacement plan. This may push back escalator stair deployment by several days, unless Metro Works decides to undertake a double-repair operation. Risky, but not out of the question. As always, the ball is in their court, so stay tuned. Check back laters for photos. Film at 11.

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