Telesymphonies—When Sound IS Music

My last entry must have sparked a subconscious quest for music made from non-traditional sounds.On a recent cruise down the information superhighway, I stumbled across Dialtones (A Telesymphony).

Dialtones is a large-scale concert performance whose sounds are wholly produced through the carefully choreographed dialing and ringing of the audience’s own mobile phones. Because the exact location and tone of each participant’s mobile phone can be known in advance, Dialtones affords a diverse range of unprecedented sonic phenomena and musically interesting structures. Moreover, by directing our attention to the unexplored musical potential of a ubiquitous modern appliance, Dialtones inverts our understandings of private sound, public space, electromagnetic etiquette, and the fabric of the communications network which connects us.

This is far out, but completely fascinating. I may never listen to a cell phone ring in the same way again (although i reserve the right to have contempt for those who let them ring in the wrong places). Be sure to scroll down the right side of the page and play some of the audio samples. Here is one of my favorites.

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