Escalator Safety — Unplug the Pod

Within the same week, my friend Gabe (pronounced Gãb) not only showed up for Friday night but also published a killer story in the New York Observer that maintained the integrity of the Blogatron’s current impromptu music theme.Gabe’s humorous self-evaluation of his iPod addication opens the door for some necessary thinking on the social implications of, well, of entire cities of ear-plugged people. If it’s not an iPod, it’s a cell-phone earpiece.Here’s a taste of what ran on page 5 this week:

Looking back, the consequences of my iPod affliction ranged from the mildly comedic (trying to switch songs as I deftly doused my thigh with scalding hot coffee while the No. 6 train clattered down the tracks one morning), to the potentially tragic (not hearing the U.P.S. truck careening toward me on Atlantic Avenue near my apartment in Brooklyn). Almost anywhere I went, I plugged in and tuned out. … My music even joined me in the bathroom each morning before work … All over town, Apple’s signature white earphones are emerging from New Yorkers’ pockets and purses like umbilical cords with an ever-greater urgency. As soon as we hit the sidewalk, we wire up.

Click here to go straight to the pink paper.

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