No, It IS Amazing

And I’m sure a statistician would be glad to support me on this.Last week, I was talking to someone on the steps outside the “Dem National HQ” when some guy I didn’t recognize interrupts to ask something of my conversation partner. It comes up in whatever he was saying that HIS birthday is also on Aug 31.Upon hearing this, I interrupted to say that my birthday is also on Aug 31, and isn’t that incredible? His return glare indicated that what actually came out of my mouth was along the lines of “I’m crazy and want to mash bananas all day on your office floor.”There are 365 days in the year, which means there’s a 1 in 365 chance that someone else around you has the same birthday. That probability should then be multiplied by factor B since people rarely talk about their birthdays and, therefore, two strangers who defy the odds and happen to have the same birthday will not find this out if they are simply buying coffee or riding the metro.I have now met 2 strangers and 1 friend in my life with the same birthday. That’s darn amazing as far as I’m concerned. Happy birthday.

2 thoughts on “No, It IS Amazing

  1. I want to find the value for the B factor. What percentages of chance encounters lead to a revelation of dates of birth, home towns, dating the same waitress in Baton Rouge…you know relevant things like that.

  2. I’ve heard that the 1 in 365 thing doesn’t actually pan out in colder climates… since there is a higher proportion of conceptions in the winter months. But I’m not gonna go there.

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