Metro Center: Escalator History Being Made

WMTA MetroRail employees made history this morning at the multi-level Metro Center station by doubling the number of down escalators during morning rush hour. Of the three escalators that connect the blue-orange lines (downstairs) to the red line platform (upstairs), two escalators regularly bring riders upstairs, leaving only one escalator to take the majority of riders downstairs so that they can transfer from red to blue-orange. Today’s change resulted in a seismic shift in commuter traffic within Metro Center.In an apparent nod to commuters whose workplaces exist along the blue-orange line axis, MetroRail employees extended an olive branch which will not be forgotten during these stressed, difficult times. “It’s so great, what they’ve done here with the escalators,” Sheila Romero commented on her way to a federal building near the Federal Center SW station. “I feel like a great stress has been lifted off my back.”Reverse commuters who lost one of their two “up” escalators to the red line were not available for comment this morning. Film at 11.

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