Memo-gate… Make it stop

Thank you, CBS, for finally releasing a statement. Maybe this never-ending story will finally come to a close in the next day or so, and the beloved Dean Scream will still reign supreme in the record for longest-running and most annoying media cycle. Anyway, Brian Reich has the best, most complete summary of this debacle that I’ve seen yet over at CWR, and I added my thoughts to the end of his post.It’s one thing for the blogosphere to do its own self-analysis of who-found-what-first, but you have to admit that there’s something odd about Howard Kurtz writing a weak Bloggers’ Moment piece in today’s WaPo and barely skimming the surface (maybe that’s why his editors published it in the Style section). And how about Andrew Sullivan writing a column in Time this week in order to explain/argue/defend the relevance of bloggers, in an issue whose cover story is devoted to this question of truth in reporting and politics.Well, I’m glad that Old Media is starting to get the picture, but it’s all still a bit too existential for me—all of these blogs talking about the role of blogs. We are, however, witnessing a major transformation in the media, as Dan Gillmore explores in his book. Personally, I’m looking forward to the day when we don’t have two types of media—traditional outlets and bloggers—reporting on each other as if they were species from different planets. Here’s my shallow sketch of what harmony would look like on the subject:Old media gets used to the pace of the Internet and this new level of instant public scrutiny and accountability. Likewise, citizen journalism survives because bloggers embrace their differences from traditional media and their advantages as unaffiliated fact-checkers, regional reporters, and genuinely respected commentators. Instead of trying to replicate and replace one another, each group appreciates its different but symbiotic role. THen again, i could have it all wrong. Good thing we have blogs through which we can discuss this sort of thing.

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