When Child-proof becomes Adult-proof

As if the election wasn’t causing people enough stress. Now we have computers trying to trick us for sport. We’ve all seen those “top secret auto-generated” codes that you have to enter into websites to ensure that you’re not a robot when trying to order tickets, or get your email through to a patriot who is dutifully “protecting him/herself from spam.”Here’s what I was asked to spell just now in order to join this Yahoo group tonight. If you can decipher all of the characters below on your first try, you get a cookie.

The first and last letters are by far the most indecipherable characters I have seen on one of these little games, particularly the last. And is that second to last character one of those ç “çédiles”? We report. You decide.UPDATE 09-27-04: I think this one takes the cake:

2 thoughts on “When Child-proof becomes Adult-proof

  1. i don’t remember if it’s a K or an X. but you get a cookie just for reading. two- one for reading, one for commenting.

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