We’ll ALL need swift boats

Via Wired News:“A number of massive glaciers in the West Antarctic are sliding into the ocean at an accelerating rate and raising sea levels, according to new data released Thursday.The new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, found that six glaciers flowing into the Amundsen Sea have quickened their march into the ocean over the past 15 years, and the pace has accelerated recently. The fastest of these, the Pine Island Glacier, is ripping along at a six-yards-a-day pace—25 percent faster than it was moving in the 1970s—making it one of the fastest-moving glaciers on Earth.[…]”‘Should all six glaciers completely slide into the ocean and melt, sea levels would rise worldwide by more than three feet,’ Rignot said. ‘That amount of fresh water is enough to disturb the global ocean-current circulation.'”

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