Two Americas: Gmail Haves and Gmail Have-Nots

Something is going on here in America’s heartland. I don’t know about you, but I’m now receiving almost 2 emails a week from friends who are abandoning their otherwise functional hotmail and yahoo emails addresses for select, invitation-only Gmail accounts.What they say:From now on, you can email me here at my new address: iamsocool@gmail.comWhat they mean:From now on, I’m running with the big dogs. I was cool enough to get invited to this exclusive insider tech thing, as you can clearly see from my new Gmail address. It’s from Google. Did I mention that it’s invite-only? Maybe I’ll invite you, if you’re lucky. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not worth it.In short, here are the new, official email domain social rankings as of today, in descending order of trendiness:

1. or any other vanity address2. gmail.com3. mac.com4. hotmail.com5. yahoo.com6. earthlink.net7.,,, etc.

If you’re over 30 and still have an,, or, you get a free pass to the top of the charts.(Disclaimer: The author of this post has a gmail account. But he doesn’t use it.)UPDATE (09-27-04): Thanks to the careful reading of Nutso, who gained points by emailing me using his new gmail account instead of commenting below, I am hereby switching number 4 (hotmail) with number 5 (yahoo!) for the next release of the rankings: “yahoo is definitely way better than hotmail as they offer 100mb of memory (which is of course quite puny) as opposed to only 10.” Indeed. Indeed.

4 thoughts on “Two Americas: Gmail Haves and Gmail Have-Nots

  1. Michael, Michael. I see how it is. I email you and you label me a trendmaster. We’ll see if that ever happens again, the emailing that is — Mr. Blogatron!

  2. no, terrance, you have to have a account to be one of the cool kids. if you’re lucky, i’ll think about sending you an invite. but yes, gmail is close.

  3. you forgot to mention one thing. even though you have this cool website, I can still pee farther than you because of my huge…email capacity. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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