Over the line, Smokey.

Cross-posted on EchoDitto… I’m on an internet protocol tear for some reason this week. Lack of sleep maybe.

Okay, we have agreed to drop the capital “I” in internet. Next, can we please stop tricking people into downloading PDF’s? It’s a matter of common courtesy. Simple internet etiquette, right?

Watching a PDF start its download when all you wanted was a webpage isn’t like getting free bon-bons. It’s like ordering a single pint of beer at a bar and then watching the bartender force two pints down your throat using a funnel. Maybe you like it, but it sure was a curveball.

Case-in-point: Here’s the link that the “MoveOn Student Action Team” (Noah, Meighan, Ben, Manasee, Paul) sent to their list as part of an email on 09-24-04:

Looks just like your everyday neighborhood weblink, right? Click it, and WOAH! — you’ve got an 8-page PDF on your hands. It’s just one level more dignified than a pop-up ad. Then again, you should click this one because it’s actually great how-to for campus organizing and we’re only days away from the big election.

I don’t think organizations or people even know that they’re doing this to us unassuming web surfers, but take note. You’re now on notice.”

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