You’ve been drafted.

We just launched this draft “campaign” with Alliance for Security and Rock the Vote today. The email dropped to the entire RTV list mid-day, and the site looks like it has been getting slammed ever since.Besides my year on the Dean campaign, it just may be one the thing that stands out when I ask myself on November 3rd what I did to contribute to this election. When you open your inbox to see a draft card staring back at you with your name on it, you have to stop and think for a moment. With the amount of election-related email going out now and in the remaining 35 days, a few minutes of contemplation—let alone the click-through—as the result of an email would be remarkable.Click here to send a draft card like this one to someone right now. It’s incredibly satisfying (probably because there’s no personalized copy for you to write).

As Joshua said after a few of us visited Nassir for dinner at Little India, I’m really looking forward to watching the open and click-through rates tomorrow. Is there anything so wrong with that?

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