Responsible Shopping—Almost There

A great idea that could truly benefit from a society with greater tech-saturation than ours.Here’s a site where you can find out the good and bad behind the company that makes the product you’re about to buy: website is great for the small percentage of consumers who make purchases online and the even smaller percentage of obsessive compulsive shoppers who research everything online before leaving home to lay-out the down cash.But for the majority of people in the developed world who make their product decision moments before the purchase, it sure would help if we could all access this info on our web-enabled phones in the store. Even better—our phones need mini UPC scanners that would run the product info through the website’s database and deliver any warnings about the product or company to our handheld.The site and idea aren’t ahead of their time as much as America’s wireless and handheld technology is just behind it.

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