save little india

The text of an email that I just sent to my co-workers, but it’s important enough for everyone in the DC area to read:alert! one of our approved echo ditto dining establishments may be in trouble. jones and i went to visit nassir tonight at Little India and it was not that busy. good food as always, but only 2 other tables dining.given, it was a monday. and he said that business throughout the city was slow, but still. we don’t want nassir to go out of business. he asked at least 3 times for us to come back with everyone else this week. in fact, i think he may have been insulted that those of you have dined at little india before did not return with us. he doesn’t forget a face.i wouldn’t be writing this email if i didn’t think he wasn’t doing his damndest to keep it going. he’s even introduced a new indian beer and some interesting sampler plates so he can develop a niche among the 3 indian restaurants in woodley partkas you can see, nassir is a real entrepreneur. so let’s help him succeed in this cutthroat city of ours. he’s been living here 17 yrs and is trying to raise a family for crying out loud. so next time you’re thinking of going to mcdonald’s, think again. support a local business and go to little india on CT Ave at Woodley Park metro stop — green awning, northernmost indian restaurant. choose NOT to eat at the indian place next door.

One thought on “save little india

  1. I’m writing this from under the green awning at Little India — and I am completely stuffed. Business is good today, probably because I’m smiling at everyone who comes up the sidewalk and looks at the menu.

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