When campaign staffers crack

Okay, it’s that time now. Seven days until election day. For anyone working on or closely tied to a political campaign (esp the presidential), every second ticks by now with a rush of adrenaline. And with each passing hour, more people get closer to losing it altogether. Since everyon cracks in their own special way, it’s generally quite amusing to watch it unfold.One of my good friends from college and the Dean campaign is now in DC working at the DNC (basically Kerry HQ). He sends us this priceless email exchange from this morning:

evidently the yelling and swearing at work is only paying off with some. . .[subject:] Re: Stop the fucking pounding and I am serious[STAFFER #1] 10/26/04 11:32 AM:While I appreciate your frustrations, you have to appreciate the factthat we are trying to fundraise over here, talking to donors on thephone, etc. If you can’t control yourself I’m just going to go higherup the ladder. I’ve tried to be nice, but now I’m pissed.[FRIEND (“BLaB”)] 10/26/04 11:34 AM:it’s the end of the campaign. if you want to do my job, feel free.

9 thoughts on “When campaign staffers crack

  1. WTF If i was a donor I’d be pissed if I didn’t hear some action in the background and thought my money was instead being used to buy yet another cake for the 3rd floor bridge

  2. I wrote that email and he didn’t send you the kicker: I don’t even want my own freakin’ job at this point, so why would I care if he got fired 6 days from the end?All I want is for people to EXERCISE SOME FUCKING SELF CONTROL and be respectful of others’ work.Asswipe.

  3. Then you’re an idiot. What donors are looking for is an ability on the part of the person on the phone to actually HEAR THEM WHEN THEY SPEAK. They tend to get annoyed when you have to say, "Hold on, I can’t hear you," when they’re calling long distance.

  4. wait, are you still arguing about this?! very nice.i don’t know you, jen, so i can only hope that you’re being sarcastic. but i’m honored that you came to comment on this.besides, since when do we democrats quibble about frivolous things instead of working together for the greater good?

  5. I’m still arguing about this because I’m returning donor calls and your "friend" BLaB" emailed me the link.I am very often sarcastic but in this case, not so much.All I want is some peace and quiet so I can deal with constituents w/o having to crank of the volume on my phone or say "What? What?" half a million times per call. You wanna come sit by these animals- these belching, farting, coughing, loogie-hawking, phone slamming, whiny-voiced, foul-languaged ass clowns all day, please be my guest.And my part of working for the greater good is bringing down millions of dollars to pay for these shenanigans. I’ve been good-humored about it all long enough.

  6. I just want to chime in here: the other day, I was on the phone with someone about contributing an additional $15k. (I’d given $10k earlier this summer during a wine and cheese event with a string quartet was just lovely. Remind me to tell you about it one day.)In any event, I was quite nonplussed when I heard what sounded like campaign work happening on the other end of the line. People were being altogether too rowdy for my tastes. I’d prefer these rapscallions do their celebrating and stress-releasing somewhere else, and I told the person on the other end of the phone as much.This incident disturbed me so much I pocketed the money I’d planned to give and will be taking my two weimaraners on a cruise to Alaska instead. Your loss.

  7. Michael, we have a meeting in ten minutes and you’re still at the Dtrip. Can you and Nicco please LEAVE?

  8. Enough! The King Dog Has Spoken! There Can Be Only One! Let the Silbatron Light Shine Into All the Dark Corners of Strange Buildings Like the DNHQ! Tune in tomorrow…

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