PotNoodle Portal of Noodle Pleasure

As a dumb American, I’ve never heard of what I’m guessing is a very popular British version of Ramen in a cup: PotNoodle Soup.An impressive community of fans and sites has grown around this otherwise horrible product, which is fascinating in so many ways. Check out this PotNoodle hub, which is lost somewhere between a 1991 Duran Duran fan site (dig the banner buttons and rainbow gradients?) and some weird form of pornography. Don’t forget to play the Natural Noodling game, where you have to get as many people as possible at the car-park to invite you into their car for some “ker-noodling” and forking. Or check out the site of Britain’s #1 noodle slave.The funny thing is that I’m actually not sure if this is a fan site or the company being crafty in producing a faux grassroots website. Either way, congrats to PotNoodle for being bold. And for figuring out how to take something as cheap and [presumably] tasteless as a cup of dirt and create a demand for it and fan-base around it.This is one of the things that the internet can do really well. Business has always wanted to make its customers into unpaid sales reps, but only a smart minority today are looking ahead far enough to see that the internet is going to give a major advantage to those companies who embrace the internet’s ability to empower its customers and supporters. Get thee some potnoodle.

2 thoughts on “PotNoodle Portal of Noodle Pleasure

  1. You make good points–and the smartest companies don’t just get their fans to do the work; they hire consultants to get fans to do their work! http://www.fanpimp.com is one such consultant, http://www.trafficonline.net does the same thing but takes it offline and onto the streets. Why are these both UK companies? And why is it so difficult to post links in your comments section?

  2. For those who have yet to experience the pure putridness of Pot Noodles, I can tell you from experience – they got nothin’ on Ramen.

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