blurry, about to crumble

polls close in 50 minutes here in palm beach county. my vision is flickering like a broken tv — i have slept no more than 12 hours in the past 3 days… just caffeine and adrenaline keeping me standing now. the end of a marathon that has lasted more than a year and three quarters, finishing with the sprint. early reports — 75% voter turnout and only a single point from knowing who gets florida’s precious 27 electoral votes.amazing that it really IS down to every last vote right now, every last door knock. we always tell field teams that it’s “down to the wire”, to “keep it up ’cause it’s really close” whether it’s true or not. but we didn’t have to lie today.the divided highway outside this industrial park sounds like a parade has been passing for the past 2 hours. honk and waves. “vote, vote, vote!” echoing from the street through the open doors — everyone kicking hard until they have given all they can and the clock runs out.i can’t believe it. it’s actually happening. whatever the outcome after tonight’s long night ahead, it’ll be a post-nov 2 world tomorrow and this passionate roller-coaster will end (for a few days at least)

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