Landing on the moon

Yesterday was rough, and confusing. But mainly, I wasn’t sure where I was—from country to state of presence. It started when my United Airlines flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Reagan decided to play Christmas songs for our early morning deplaning muzac (“winter wonderland”, to be precise).When I glided onto the city street, I couldn’t figure out why everyone was walking around as if everything was normal. Don’t they understand what happened, ’cause I know they heard? Why aren’t we all running around like lunatics, screaming at the top of our lungs to they sky?I thought I knew more about my fellow Americans, but this election has proven me wrong.It’s a blow that Kerry lost, but it’s even more of a shock to discover what determined the outcome of this election—the God-fearing Christian Right that came out in droves to vote for ballot initiatives banning gay-marriage in 10 states, and oh yeah, for a president who shares the same ‘family values’ and strong leadership. But then again, who wouldn’t want a president who can speak directly to God to find out which country we should occupy? Why does truth matter when you can have someone who is endorsed by Jesus himself?Worse, we have just effectively confirmed to the rest of the world that the United States is a fundamentalist Christian nation in the same way that we have defined other countries as fundamentalist Muslim nations. The spectrum has been defined. Votes counted and our national religion confirmed, let’s get ready for the relgious wars of the 21st century.

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