DNC: Please Just Stop.

I thought i was getting over the election results, until I received today’s email from the DNC. The subject line reads, “We heard you, and we’re committed to fight.“Oh, really? What great news! Were you previously considering laying on the train tracks as a serious option until you heard from us? Glad that we cleared that up now instead of in ’06.This is the equivalent of asking everyone aboard a train wreck to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. Results? Great news! Everyone still wants to get to their final destination, so we’re not going to cancel service and leave you face down in the mud.I certainly appreciate the fact that someone inside DNHQ is thinking, “oh, i bet the internet would be a great medium through which Democrats everywhere could begin taking ownership for the future of the Party in their area so we don’t get spanked again,” but the effort came across as simply disingenuous, if not trite and insulting. On Nov 6, you put Terry McCauliffe’s name on an email that requested our participation in a survey to “determine the Democratic Party’s next steps.” First of all, the people you wanted to respond were still shell-shocked 4 days after the election. We expected that you would have been to. And we were hoping that YOU would tell US a little bit about what happened instead of vice-versa.Second, if this was a survey from which you actually intended to gain useful info and insight, you should have asked us for some data that you could quantify and actually factor into a decision making process. Instead, you gave us 7 big text boxes to fill out, and I bet it will take a team of volunteers and interns a week to sort through them if you bother. At best, they’ll find some trends among the “tens of thousands of you told us in great detail what you did to help elect John Kerry and Democrats…”.I understand that you’re just starting to get your voice back, but the purpose of using the internet to conduct an open dialogue is not to ask us how you should run a national party, organization, or company. It’s insulting to us because we know that you’re not really asking us what to do or how to run this thing.We have plenty of other ways and places to shoot our mouths off, offer feedback, and participate in community dialogues, so if you truly want to engage with us, ask us a meaningful questions or participate in the dialogue yourself. Or if you wanted to update your volunteer records so that you know who to count on next time, Don’t just have us spend time answering questions like, “was it a good experience for you,” and “how would you make it better,” because you think it will make us feel good to tell you. C’mon, give us some credit.Let’s get it together, folks. We forgive your labored start out of the gates, and we appreciate the effort, but you should know that you’re way off the mark here. We’ve got 4 years to make this happen. I’m here to help, along with millions of others, so just say the word. In the meantime, please lay off the email. Thanks.

One thought on “DNC: Please Just Stop.

  1. Wow, it’s almost like their internet people and their strategy people don’t actually ever communicate with each other…

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