Votes, Bits, & Bytes Roundup

I’m in rainy Boston now at Berkman’s Votes, Bits, and Bytes conference. Lots of fascinating people here, from the Downhill Battle team to Dan Gilmore (OMG! He left the San Jose Merc? OMG.)Micah is cranking out some of the best coverage of this conference on the PDF site. Incidentally, I have now run into Micah (whom I had the pleasure of meeting last night) more than anyone else here… and he’s sitting next to me right now (OMG OMG).Brian Reich’s Rules for Radicalsdiscussion was probably the most interesting of the day (to me), despite getting screwed with the 9am slot. He introduced us to old principles from Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals, and we had a good time trying to figure out which rules do/don’t apply to online organizing today. I have more to say on this later.I tried to “live-blog” (oooohh, yes, but it was a bad idea — if i listen and type, i can’t talk or chew food in addition) Nicco’s panel with Dave Winer over here on echoditto, and Joshua did the same thing with the podcasting lunch.Nicco is grumpy about rainy Cambridge. I’m starting to agree. The “Manifesto for a Better Conversation” discussion I’m in now is trying to come down to earth from 50,000 feet, but we’re still pretty high up there.

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