blog resuscitation

i was in a standoff with my internet provider, starpower, for the past week or so while i didn’t have internet here at the apartment, where i normally do my blog posting.starpower—which should consider itself damn lucky to have such a great name—thought i screwed up my own internet when in reality it was the Man keeping me down. but it took me over a week and a visit to my apt for them to realize that i was right.then they sent me a holiday card that had an expired coupon for access to free cable and games. you guys are the best. it truly is the thought that counts…SO, i’m finally back online, but i fear that i have suffered irreparable harm and lost thousands of loyal readers on this blogLESSONS LEARNED:(1) When dinner or Jon Stewart become interruptions to your online time, it’s probably best if you’re internet goes down (2) Taking out your frustration over a corporation’s incompetence on one of their innocent customer service or tech support representative never gets old and is almost always satisfying. For added flavour, liberally insert comments like, “your company,” and “I realize this isn’t YOUR fault, but…”

One thought on “blog resuscitation

  1. Oh, pleeeeez. When we first moved into our house, we lost phone service every time the wind changed direction. I can’t count the number of times I either had to sit at home waiting for the phone company with no DSL keep me entertained. Let me just put it this way. I vented enough spleen at Verizon support that by towards the end there was always a period of silence on the phone, during which I’m sure they were reading all the notes on my record, and then they immediately put me through to a supervisor. ;-)To borrow a line from an old Kathy Bates movie, "Sometimes ya gotta be a high ridin’ bitch, just to survive."

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