Blair on Climate Change: Thanks, Now Tell Bush

Mr. Blair: First, great essay in this past week’s Economist: “A Year of Huge Challenges“. Please commend your writers on their ability to compose a clear and convincing argument on why aiding Africa and addressing climate change should be among the G8’s top priorities for 2005.Second, please do us a tremendous favour and explain everything that was so eloquently presented in this essay to our president, Mr. Bush. You’re both still friendly, right? Bush refuses to read the news, so he’ll miss your article if you don’t show him. Also, he doesn’t listen to us much about this whole globe thing, but he just may get the message if you tell him. Alternatively, consider emailing a copy of your article on to God, with whom Bush talks regularly.I think W will be particularly receptive to your “business will lead the way” argument. This was my favorite (favourite) example:

In Britain our economy grew by 36% between 1990 and 2002 while greenhouse gas emissions fell by 15%. British Petroleum has set and achieved targets, such as reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions by 10% in just three years. To achieve this, the company introduced an emissions-trading scheme: it cost $20m to implement, yet saved it $650m over the three-year period.

Thanks again, and happy new year.

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