What Works Conference Update

It’s late and we’ve had a long day of conferencing… lots of thought-provoking conversations and interactions with truly inspiring people.Somewhere in the middle of the day, Bill McKibben asked to borrow my laptop for 45 minutes to blog for Grist. I figured he’d write a paragraph or two. He ends up hammering out a beautiful “dispatch” in 30 minutes, which was apparently too good to even feature on the Grist blog, so they put it right on the front page of the website. And it was literally hammered out… Watching Bill type today is probably no different then when he was using a typewriter in the Harvard Crimson’s newsroom.Anyway, Bill’s summary of the highlight of today’s conference will be far more eloquent than what i can summarize at this hour, but I do have some extended thoughts on Michael and Ted’s DOE piece now that i’ve had a chance to talk with them and process it some.In other news, we also launched the Flat Earth Awards today, so you should go vote for your favorite climate naysayer. It’s not an official EchoDitto project, but I got to help out on this one and meet some cool students in the process.

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