Best of Blog Spam

I haven’t been posting much here… In part, i think, because my most of my interactions with this blog lately have been spent de-spamming the stupid blog comments, which is really turning me off. But I refuse to turn-off comments out of principle. (yes, i have mt-blacklist, but it is clearly being out-smarted)In the meantime, I might as well share some of the more amusing blog-spam with you. Maybe shining a mirror in its eyes, like this, will help kill the spam… i saw it in a movie.(1) Naughty blog spam

Comments:Thought you may be interested in my blog, very naughty. It includes rants about very naughty things, for all you naughty people out there.IP Address: Andy Bright – Very Naughty!Email Address: naughty@hotmail.comURL:

(2) Rural blog spam

Comments: im a lumberjack and im okay i sleep all night and i work all dayIP Address: contemporary dining furniture roomEmail Address: dining@room.comURL:

If you have the crappy job of designing nasty blog-spam-bots to destroy people’s free time, I suppose you may as well add some humor to keep yourself sane.

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