… in trackback spam. must. turn. it. off. jim helped me shut off comments a few weeks go, which has saved me from spending at least 2 mindless hours of my life per week deleting spam comments…. it was a funny techno-novelty for all of five minutes. there’s hardly even a point to having a blog without comments, so i’m not sure how often i can bare to post here anymore. echoditto and middblog seem to be holding up okay for the spam daemons have returned to haunt me with their dark trackback spiders, weaving their painful web around my website until it’s so tight that i don’t want to look at this blog anymore. they overcome me. they want to take my firstborn blog, and i think i just may give in to them, like so many others have before me.go ahead. taaaaaake the blogatron 2000 if you really care so much. no one here is buying your stupid cheap diplomas and online poker and animal porn and cheap meds or whatever you’re pushing anyway. but if i give in, then you must leave me alone. that is our deal.

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