snow day in the summer

it wasn’t exactly snow, but we did have to leave work early. we were there for maybe an hour when all the power went off at around 9.30. 15 minutes later, a few of us are in the conference room on our cell phone with justin miller when the transformer on a telephone pole across the street blows up — loudly, with a fireball — twice!!it looked sort of like this, except that it happened very fast and was on the top of a pole, not the ground. the phone conversation ended like this:US: so let’s just plan to—OH MY GOD!! what was that!Justin: silence–pause–US: woah…. wait, there it goes again!US: uhhh… miller, we’ll call you back. things are exploding outside of our window. we have to get out of here.Justin: silenceon the third floor, we’re eye-level with the telephone and power lines, which started shaking violently as a result of the explosion on the pole. pretty crazy.needless to say we called CTU with evidence that Marwan had hit our power grid and we evacuated the building and dispersed with our laptops to various cofffeeshops and homes around the city, where we proceeded to have a somewhat regular day.

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