Most obnoxious (and effective) away message. ever.

Just returning from an incredible vacation (photos and stories to follow very soon) and was peering uneasily at the damage my inbox incurred when i came across this away message — and laughed out loud.As ridiculous as this guy’s away message is, part of me wishes that I had adopted his policy. Except then I’d end up being the ass that he probably is (emphasis mine below):

Thank you for your email.I am away until August 23.Due to the high volume of email I receive, I’m afraid I will automatically delete all emails, without first reading them, sent to me during my vacation.If your email is still relevant, please resend after August 23.Urgent emails should be sent to the editorial secretary, Sue [xxxxx]. Her email is [xxxxxxx]. Her phone number is [xxxxxx]

Media people. Go figure — living in fear of pressing delete for all messages received during vacation. I bet it’s actually quite liberating.

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