My winning cell-phone team

My wireless carrier has a blog:http://businessblog.sprint.comIt looks a little pre-fab and has an uninententional retro design, but apparently it’s official, and i’m rooting for it to succeed because it’s MY cell phone company and I want them to both being on the cutting edge and have this open communication with us. I’m also proud to see the bringht new, yellow Sprint (“together with Nextel”) ad campaign all over town.

We all want to feel good about and validated by our purchasing decisions, especially when those purchases affect our ability to communicate with everyone in our world for a minimum of 2 years. I want Sprint to keep running smart ads and staying on the cutting edge of mobile technology (video, walkie-talkie, etc.) because if i’m paying to be on their team, I may as well pay to be on the winning team.That may explain why we know so much about other people’s cell phone carriers — i can name the providers for most of my non-geek friends and i think they could do the same. But i couldn’t tell you what cable TV or internet providers they have.Go ahead, Spring, make me proud.

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