I forgot, why do we bag leaves?

This must be a hillarious picture to most of the world… They’re thinking that we’ve gone completely mad — trying to stop anything that moves on its own. Who knows what those devilish, elusive little leaves could be up to, flying around, moving to and fro, taunting us… Round ’em up and bag ’em!

Photo by Larry Untermayer of WestportNow.com.

3 thoughts on “I forgot, why do we bag leaves?

  1. That <em>is</em> pretty funny when you think about it… finally, I think we have them all! We’ll show those trees.

  2. Jesus you’re so right. My childhood memories are interspersed with atheletic endeavors, hating every minute of school, playing the piano (thats for mom) and RAKING LEAVES with dad on the weekend. At least we didn’t bag them up into a army of Ace Hardware recepticles made exactly for this purpose. How silly is this? I guess it just goes to show you how being a neat-freak, anal-retentive, "my-yard-must-look-like-the-18th-fairway-at-Augusta" individual can have hiliarious consequences. Here’s to the Vermont lifestyle…don’t rake man, just compost.

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