Giving thanks for Vermonter friends

My good friend and college roommate is a proud Vermonter. I’m often jealous of his idyllic childhood—which he mostly spent building cool stuff, jumping into rivers, eating local foods, and pushing down rotting trees in the forest. Every once in a while, he finds a subtle way to remind me—the flatlander—how he still has his priorities in much better order than mine. From an email yesterday:

quick question… do you need digital recordings to pod-cast? and… how does one take the recording and being casting to pods? (I hate this life we are living… I had a weekend of roller skiing, partridge hunting, and woodworking.)

2 thoughts on “Giving thanks for Vermonter friends

  1. I’m not sure who this so-called college roomate-Vermonter is, but I gotta tell you… I have some very similar experiences and feelings to him. After a great weekend in the sun, spent finishing splitting some wood, building a platform bed outa’cherry (not finished), roller skiing (funny he did this too last weekend) in Hardwick (the gateway to the Kingdom as some call it, the gateway to city life as others heading south call it), and partridge hunting in the back 40 (w/ NO success, no flushes, NO shots fired, again!)… I’m dreading the return to the pod-casting world (as we shall call it) and zipping along the County Road to work and out pops a partridge… shit, I think for a second, as the partridge sails into my right fog light, shattering the light as the bird disapears, and in my rear view mirror a plum of feathers!! I thought about stopping quick to get the bird within the 30-second-rule-window, but didn’t.That was my reentry into the world of pod-casting. Problem is, MY friend, call him Milbatron, never answered my simple question.

  2. well, now that you’re calling milbatron out publicly, i’ll let him know that he better send a reply podcast back

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