My 3M Lint Brush

I was in the CVS buying milk and something inside me told me to buy a lint brush (vs. the the roller-type). I’ve seen these things before, but it’s definitely the first device of it’s kind that i’ve ever owned. And I don’t even have a pet that sheds hair. Or a pet at all.On the walk home, I grew pretty ashamed. The act of purchasing this brush must mean that I am now one of the following:

  • Turning into one of the most boring adults that DC has to offer
  • Closer to pleasing the god of geekdom by having a tool to satisfy every task
  • Lazy enough that removing visual specks from a shirt trumps washing it
  • Reaching new personal heights of OCD

What was I thinking? I may have to return this life-sucking device before it destroys me altogether.

5 thoughts on “My 3M Lint Brush

  1. Michael, We’ve all be there, at CVS buying a lint brush.Well, no. I don’t think I’ve ever even thought of owning a lint brush – the roll of packing or duct tape usually does the trick, though I don’t even think I’ve done that since owning a 25 pound cat growing up. However, I think you should consider making lemonaid out of the lemons — think of the most creative uses you can for that lint brush that either makes you boring, geeky(dom), lazy, or OCD.How about storing it in your car and using it to clean your headlights?or perhaps use it as a plant-leaf duster, to really give those house plants a good cleaningor cut it open and see if there is much more to that lint bush than meets the eye.

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