NYE on the beach: Photos from the Redneck Riviera

Only 39 days overdue, I just posted photos from the New Years expedition that Ginny, Ben, and I took down South.The window for sharing the long version has long passed, so the short story is that Ginny commandeered a white pickup for us from Nashville which we drove stright down to northern Florida, stocked up at Betty’s family fireworks before crossing the AL border, and spent a few days advancing Grayton Beach and Seaside in prep for our NYE bonfire and fireworks. Preparations for the feast and fire included several midnight and 6a visits to the sherrif’s office and critical sunset happy hour planning meetings, porch-side. Walk-throughs reserved for evening. After holding the line on the beach for the actual event and being only partially showed-up by our neighbors’ 5-hr fireworks displays and bonfires, we kicked off New Year’s day with some quiet time on the road, followed by 20 hours of decompression in Shelbyville and Nashville, including Mr. Hunt’s famous black-eyed-pea/fried chicken/cornbread/spinaché feast. What’s missing from the pics? Other than everything that took place between 6 pm and noon the following day, it’s all there, save for the beautiful abundance of blinking arrow signs garnishing every other business and residential entrance between Grayton Beach, FL and Shelbyville, TN. Oh, and a spirited competition among churches for the best temporary signage — the winning display: “God Reads Knee Mail.”

6 thoughts on “NYE on the beach: Photos from the Redneck Riviera

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