From the road: EuroDiesel III

checkin in here via le blog to let friends and family know that i’m alive and doing excellently on vacation, successfully upholding my solemn vow to stay unplugged from email, hence my first use of this blog as lame mass-email or livejournal postjust rolled into London this afteroon with tybvig and his brother ned on day 6 of this euro-bender vacation. a few solid days here in this fine city to follow, but for now a big thanks to le jimmy for boldly ditching his desk job in manhattan at the end of last year to go write and teach skiing in st. moritz, switzerland — a romantic maneuver from which we’re all vicariously benefitting, especially those of us who visited him in the sunny, alpine resort town for the past few days to take advantage of the skiing and, more importantly, the even more impressive apres skiingso i’m really just writing to say check-out jimmy’s blog and reports from la suisse here at his new blog, The Duffle Bag Beat — some great writing and hillarious stories to enjoy while i romp around euro-land en vacances:

5 thoughts on “From the road: EuroDiesel III

  1. A gratuitous link to a blog!…that’s all we get? I want to hear about dancing on bar tables in Geneva. Where is the "so we were walking down the street to grab a bite when this girl asked us for directions…" (get your head out of the gutter…).There better be some great stories when you get back or you are just turning around and going back 🙂 Glad you are having fun. I hope you don’t see this comment till you return and realize I’m very jealous.

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