Shiny, happy Midwesterners

After a few days back in D.C., a city filled with anxious and cranky people, I keep thinking of the first few hours I spent in Evanston, IL this past weekend. How can everyone there be so happy in a place where every road intersection looks like Des Moines? I barely had both feet in the door of the Evanston Chipotle before the lady behind the counter 100 feet away had shouted a big ole midwestern hello at me. The airport people were strangely helpful too. But as you got closer to the Northwestern campus, the angst and unfriendliness increased, so that was comforting. Maybe it has something to do with all the food… Would we be more pleasant out here in the East if we ate more food? What a funny country we’ve got here.

5 thoughts on “Shiny, happy Midwesterners

  1. I just saw this. Long live the Midwest – you yuppie elitist east coast m.f’er. Twinkies don’t deep fry themselves.

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