I am a lousy killing machine

Not that i ever claimed to be good at killing. But the other night I blew the heads off of a few innocent soldiers in Halo 2, and I honestly haven’t fully recovered yet.Yes, I know it’s “just a game,” but it’s pretty damn realistic. Not only did my controller convulse as I pumped this guy full of lead, but when my victim collapsed slowly to the ground, his trailing, bright red bloodstain was there minutes later when I returned to see the carnage I created. Whatever happened to the games where you couldn’t even shoot the good guys, and where the bad guys you killed evaporated happily away into stars or triangles or something?Yea, I’ve never been a big gamer, so I realize that I sound like I’m entering the 21st century for the first time here, but can you honestly tell me that a 12-year-old kid isn’t going to get just a little messed up in the head and normalized to killing after dozens of hours of game-play if a mid-twenty-something like myself is still mentally jarred from playing just 3 minutes?For what it’s worth, this Red Bull House party that we were at in Austin was really pretty sweet — they had an entire room stocked with 20 X-Boxes and plush couches. All sorts of crazy video projections and toy electronic music stuff that you could play with in different rooms at this old warehouse that Red Bull took over for the week. And yes, all the Red Bull and ___ that you can drink.Gotta go — I think I hear the American Family Association calling.

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