Photos from EuroDiesel III


It took me long enough to get these photos up. I’m just glad they still exist ’cause the whole thing seems like a dreamy blur, and I want to remember that it actually happened. Despite my best efforts at positive thinking, returning to work (a job i even love) wasn’t nearly as comparable to our 9 day party in the Swiss Alps and London as I had hoped. For those of us (Tim and me) who don’t actually live and work in international destinations like London (Ned) or St. Moritz (Jimmy), it definitely took a few days for the re-entry process (ie. de-tox and depression) to run its course.

I also haven’t stopped moving around since Feb 10 when this trip began, which also says something about the photo delay and this general life blur. It turns out that I’ve managed to spend no more than 18 nights in DC over the past 5 weeks (as I post this from a hotel room in NYC). If I listed here all the places I’ve ended up recently, you’d stop feeling sorry for me. So I’ll distract you with some good airport stories, coming soon.

Anyway, here’s the evidence of a ridiculous vacation that couldn’t really have turned out any better — enjoy.

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