Faceless political states

I landed here in Columbus, Ohio earlier tonight (after an excellent visit to a very impressive DTW), where i am most likely in a critical district within a very important county of a politically crucial state. As far as I know, there are no people or interesting geographic features here — just voters of different constituencies inhabiting a political territory that breaks down into a bunch of political boundaries. I have similarly cold and impersonal relationships with Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and to a lesser extent, New Hampshire. The only reason I’ve spent time in any of these states is for political reasons. No family ties, no romantic vacations, nothing to give me a chance to have any other real or memorable association with these places. Maybe this kind of talk would be okay if I were a political junkie frothing at the mouth with poll numbers and stats, hop-scotching from state to state, but I’m not.Probably I’m just frustrated that my time in some states over the past few years has been so intensely focused that I haven’t had an opportunity to pick my head up and see where I am. Maybe that’s what a cross-country bike trip is for… Then again, maybe there are just some places you’re never going to fall in love with, no matter how long you spend there (ie. I-O-W-A).

3 thoughts on “Faceless political states

  1. If you trash the midwest in one more entry, we’re coming after you. And we’ll beat you this time, small wonder.

  2. I know, the Detroit airport is AMAZING!. I could ride back and forth on that train all day. It’s all <i>"whoosh"</i> and <i>"zzip"</i>.

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