Verizon gets caught playing with spraypaint


I’m no graffiti artist, but isn’t there some commonly understood rule that says your tag is supposed to be anonymous — partly for intrigue, partly so you don’t get caught? Verizon’s crappy buzz marketing campaign (on more than 130 sidewalks in downtown DC) doesn’t even make for interesting grafiti art — it’s just a boring, uncreative ad in a nontraditional location. Which only makes looking at it that much worse for those of us living and working in O.N.C. If you’re going to invade our public space, at least do it well, like some of those funny “Life Takes Visa” posters. Which is why I couldn’t be happier to see that D.C. is standing up for itself (and for us) by fining Verizon.After all, we don’t want to look silly in front of our out-of-town guests. Mary Myers, a spokeswoman for the District Department of Public Works:

“We take this kind of thing pretty seriously. Litter, graffiti, posters . . . anything that defaces, clutters or dirties the city and makes it less welcoming and less hospitable is really anathema.”

Photo via Publicidad

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