i got distracted

and started posting on other blogs except my own… that’s why there’s nothing new here, sorry.

OH — Big News from last week:

  1. Nicco and I held the door for Helen Thomas as she poked her way out of the cab that we were getting ready to take from our office building. Seeing someone from history was easily more surprising than seeing someone of present-day fame — it defies your understanding of what’s possible in the world. It may as well have been Eleanor Roosevelt hobbling out of that cab.
  2. I purchased a Melitta One:One pod coffee machine online, and it arrived from the future to make decent coffee and rank among the best impulse purchases I’ve made in a long time, or ever.

4 thoughts on “i got distracted

  1. Um, future-tron, I do hate to rain on your tomorrow’s day parade, but have you ever heard of a french press? It’s yesteryear’s answer to the single cup of coffee…it’s still effective, much more manly, and you don’t even need to buy the offensively named coffee ground "pods."

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