Photos from today’s Rally to Stop the Darfur Genocide

I’m generally not much for rallies, but today’s was too important not to support. My plan was to add at least one more body to what I had hoped would be a tremendous crowd of at least one- to twenty- million.I was initially disappointed by the turnout (10-15K acc to WaPost), but then Sen. Obama’s talk reminded me that rallies like these are more a means of pepping up (err, rallying?) volunteers than a political end in and of themselves. Only an impossibly large crowd could ever really hold any hope of immediately or directly influencing the political process, right?Obama, departing from the choir-preaching that we had been hearing all afternoon, spoke eloquently about how each of us attending had a responsibility to think of ourselves as representing at least 100 other people charged with contacting and pressuring our Congressional leaders on this issue. Now we’re talkin’.

I was also really glad to run into half a dozen of my coworkers at the rally — a good reminder that not only do I have the luxury of working with people of conviction but also that those convictions of theirs are good, not evil.The photos: I just posted a set of my best shots from today (lots of color) to Flickr, although having now seen the Post’s slideshow, I’m far less enthusiastic about mine than I was earlier. I’m particularly proud of the way I ordered the photos, so I’ll just have to cling to that in repairing my damaged ego. Click HERE to see my slides, or click the photo at right.

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