Flying the Republican skies (with DaVinci)

Maybe this is what i deserve for travelling to the bastion of liberal America — In order to get from DC to SF, I had to take a flight from Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston. If we take back the House in ’06, does that mean we get a Clinton airport? At least we’ll always have JFK — hard to beat that.And just to confirm Tom’s observation that America has gone completely Da Vinci-crazy, there were at least half a dozen copies being read on each of my two flights. I must have forgotten to pick up my free copy at check-in.

2 thoughts on “Flying the Republican skies (with DaVinci)

  1. It’s even worse than that. On my last flight I saw a guy reading what had to be the most beautifully-bound book I’ve ever seen: leather hardcover, full-color plates on every page. It was a special annotated edition of Dan Brown’s <i>Angels and Demons</i>.The man must be stopped.

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