On missions for movies

In 30 minutes, am off to see the truth with a hip socially conscious crew from at the ditto… And Emily discovered that eco-worrier former VPs use Macs and Keynote for their world-changing presentations. Which is a relief because I don’t think i could sit through a 2 hour powerpoint. Keynote, however, that’s a different story. I really like the ClimateCrisis campaign site for the movie though.Speaking of movies, Trippi‘s working on a Technorati bomb for Peaceful Warrior, although I can’t entirely figure out what the movie’s about… It looks like an emotional story about hope and perseverance, which pretty well characterizes my understanding of Trippi (in a good way), and would help explain why he’s so into it. They had what sounds like a cool satellite link-up of all the screenings around the country, but maybe it was just a conference call?

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