It’s all bad and good, good and bad

Shimkin is leaving the building the end of the week, which means I won’t have the pleasure of watching Geri butcher his name into Shlimpskin again. The good news is that I’m getting his big TV, which is 3-4″ bigger than the TV i got from Emmet when he left DC. (A few more years here and i’ll be due for a nice flat plasma.)We’ve had some really great thunder and lighting storms for the past 48 hours or so (good). But Justin and Michelle’s apartment is flooding again and the federal government is shutting down, and the rain’s not supposed to let up for days (bad).Speaking of Justin and Michelle — Great hike in Shenandoah National Park over the weekend (photos). Virginia is For Carnivores, we learned — not herbivores.The stupid new owners of the Wardman Park Marriott, JBG Companies, just clear-cut all the big old trees in the park out front (except for a few token trees by the street). All of these massive and impressive trees are laying on their sides like carcasses waiting for the wood chipper to come and shred them to pieces. It’s probably the most terrible visual thing I’ll experience all week. There’s no good part here, and it’s too late for the Lorax. We failed as residents to save the park.And finally, the big media is all ablog about climate change these days. So now we just need to do something about it. (Yea, the Sunday NYT nonchalantly threw “ablog” into one of its articles… I’m trying it out for myself.)UPDATE: Almost forgot the most important one– An interview with 24 writer David Fury in the latest issue of the Official 24 Fan Club Newsletter confirms that Joel Surnow and other producers are die-hard conservatives. But Fury is an ultra-liberal. And there’s a new 24 blog.

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