A.V. Ristorante: Not Closing… Yet.

I spoke to someone at A.V.‘s today to see what their hours were over the holiday weekend. This guy sounded like someone with authority, so while I had him on the line, I seized the opportunity to see what he’d have to say about the rumors of their imminent demise. “Oh, we’re not going anywhere for a while, he said. “We’ll be around for another year or so, on the short end, if we even close at all.” Clearly this guy’s been in DC long enough to have dealt with his share of PR consultants and Hill staffers — he artfully acknowledged the rumor while swiftly moving the conversation to higher ground and avoiding any sweeping promises.This is great news for a few reasons: First and foremost, this gives us enough time to mount an all-out campaign to save one of DC’s few remaining epicurean institutions (or to eat there enough times that we single-handedly keep it alive). A.V. carries the same historic and cultural weight as Ben’s Chili Bowl, The Waffle Shop, and Ollie’s Trolley, so its New York Ave location isn’t a good enough reason for us to let this place die.Second, it means that Tom is wrong about the place closing in a matter of weeks. As a big man at the “its-like-a-virus” DCist and as one of the few locals to the greater DC area whom I know, Tom is usually indisputably right about all things DC. And there’s often no way to know if he really is right or just sounds right. Except in this case, where we know he’s wrong.

2 thoughts on “A.V. Ristorante: Not Closing… Yet.

  1. <em>And there’s often no way to know if he really is right or just sounds right.</em>But the illusion is eerily lifelike, right? That’s all i aspire to.But yeah, my information came from <a href="http://www.dcist.com/archives/2006/03/30/av_ristorante_i.php&quot; rel="nofollow">this post</a>, which seems to agree. I probably misremembered when I read it and thought more time had passed since the "closing in about a year" comment. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the internet has only existed for 8 months or so.

  2. Just called today 4/2/07 and they’re still there- thankgoddd! Don’t know where I’ll go for real Italian food if they ever leave! d.

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