A warm Woodley welcome to our new metro elevator

What a day for Woodley Park — our elevator into the center of the earth is BACK! I took it to work this morning, taking turns smiling at the shiny new box I was sharing with fellow DCists and at the countless minutes I had shaved off my commute by not walking a few extra blocks and avoiding one of the longest sets of escalators in North America.Thank you, WMATA, for a truly fine job of elevator rehab. You were right to ignore me when I tried to hurry you along over the past, umm, six months that you took with this project. You see, I was ticked off by the timing of your project, given that you snatched my ride away from me only days before I could start taking the metro to work again. And then you taunted us by crossing out that estimated completion date every few weeks since April.But, in retrospect, I commend your foresight. I was already more confident riding a mile into the earth with you this morning than I was last year, when I regularly looked to see who was joining me for my final ride. And which of those frayed, greasy cables on the other side of the window might snap. And which of the other standing sardines we could sacrifice first to save precious air. We’re a spoiled bunch up here in Woodley, what with our national pandas and tiger cubs, giant conference centers, and Tono Sushi, but I think we’ve all been impressively patient. And brave. Over the past 6 months, we’ve not only learned to navigate our way through several blocks of charging early-AM zoo tourists but also done an impressive job of returning smiles to the over-caffeinated Express distributors blocking our descent. See you tomorrow, kind elevator.

2 thoughts on “A warm Woodley welcome to our new metro elevator

  1. Say hello to the elevator for me. Make sure it knows that my departure had nothing to do with the delays and postponements. Kind, sweet elevator….

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