Vermont blogs go Savage

Now that we’ve found the online traces of my elementary school friends (previous post), let’s move on to college. It’s one thing keeping up with friends who have their own blogs, but it turns out to be a lot more fun to see what other people blog about your friends.My senior-year roommate (sink-mate, to be precise), Andrew Savage, has become the darling of Vermont’s political gossip blogs as the communications director for Peter Welch‘s congressional campaign (no, not that Peter Welch) — which is how i keep up with his rumored hospitalizations, epic bike rides, and newly deployed anaconda offense strategy. Both sides have been throwing out some zingers, but still, it’s crazy how amicable they all seem in what seems like a tight race… Ahhh, Vermont. Even the politics is pure and clean.(Not to be completely outdone, I got my own blog mention in TechCrunch earlier this week. What’s up now, Savage.)

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