Diplo and Bonde do Role

Just back from a RIDICULOUS show tonight at black cat — with an equally strong crowd proudly representing the District on a school night. This crazy Brazilian elctro-funk trio, Bonde do Role, had everyone in the place moving with the first song — and they were just the openers, who couldn’t have been any happier to be there. Diplo spun a powerful set lasting almost 2 hours, and easily raised the temperature of the place by 10 degrees by keeping a packed floor dancing straight through. Bonde do Role was fun, but Diplo really put on a show and made sure we were having as much fun as he was.I don’t have the colorful vocabulary of a music reviewer, but i can say that what made this show stand out was Diplo’s ability to rapidly splice together melodies and tracks that you’d never think of pairing while keeping a close and seemingly effortless watch on the beat. And this wasn’t the typical dance party or DJ set that you might be thinking of — it had none of the repetitive beats or overpowering bass. The Black Cat website described it as “balle funk” — a club-based dance music from Rio “influenced by Miami bass, electro, afro-latin rhythms, pop, and hip hop.” That seems pretty accurate.Lots of good dj’s play with mash-ups or make their own remixes, but to ensure that the melodies and beats work with each other, they’re often forced to build in a stiffness and rigidity that also makes for some rough transitions. Diplo’s were seamless, and fast. By the time we had a few notes or samples of something we recognized, he was moving us on into the next.Thanks to Tones for spotting the show and leading the charge, and to le Jimmy for first introducing me to Diplo a while back through his Fabric live set, which has been near the top of my playlist since I first heard it. Now i just need one more Sunday and everything will be fine…Correction 7/24: Emily found the show, not Tim. Tim just jumped on the proverbial wagon. —Ed.

3 thoughts on “Diplo and Bonde do Role

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