quick, need invention before batteries run out

My stupid bluetooth earpiece has been missing all week, but it’s somewhere in my apartment because my phone fires into earpiece mode when i’m here. I’ve looked everywhere and I all i want to do is press a button and have the tiny piece of useless plastic beep back at me so that i can nab it.Besides, isn’t “findability” standard protocol now for small phone devices? When our cell phones slip away, we call it and listen for the ring. When cordless phones disappear into the couch, you can press the page button. Quick, someone please invent this for my headset before its battery runs out and my apartment wins a new headset.Seriously, though, if anyone knows of a “you’re getting warmer/colder” radar thing for bluetooth that i can put on my phone, that’d be grrreeaaat, mmkay?

6 thoughts on “quick, need invention before batteries run out

  1. Check the pockets of pants that you’ve worn recently. Sometimes you put it in your shirt pocket, and then people ("people") are all "for the love of God, can you move that creepy red glowing thing so it’s not directly over your heart?" And times like those, you put it in your pants pocket.

  2. true — good idea. just looked in all my clothes. not there either. maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. if it comes back to me, than we’re together forever.

  3. I don’t have any better advice than Emily’s on finding it. Although you might want to ignite a shock & awe campaign on dust and dirt so that you find the little sucker in the nook it’s hiding.I have problem with my bluetooth headset. I can’t get it to pick up calls from my phone. I’ve paired the thing to the Treo, but when ever I call someone, then push the side button, all I get is the little beep, then the longer, lower beep. It never transfers the call to my headset. Any advice oh bluemaster?

  4. Hi Michael, I just wanted to say a quick hey! Im Jane’s little sister from Brissie you probably last saw me when i was like 12 or something but she told me to check out ur blog (hot stuff by the way). Anyway good luck with everything and come visit us again one day, Brisvegas can always do with some livening up! Cya round!Sal.

  5. wow, HI SAL! definitely a surprise — i guess you’re probably not 12 anymore. thanks for stopping by… please say hey to Jane, Tom, and the rest of the fam for me — hope to catch up soon, either in bris-land or here in the states

  6. oh, and emily, you were right. shirt pocket. i was a bad looker the first time ’round.joshua, sorry dude, but it might be time for a trip to the shack. as in the one known for its radios. and, um, have you tried charging the headset?

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